About Neiss
Neiss Labs Ltd is a fully-integrated pharmaceutical organisation engaged in manufacturing pharmaceutical injections and medicines. We are at the forefront when it comes to research, development, and marketing of a broad spectrum of formulations, including injections, capsules, tablets, syrups, liquid medicines, and eye & ear drops. We are the leading injection manufacturers in India.
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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility as an Injection Manufacturer in India

Management Team

Presently, our team comprises of young as well as experienced professionals. Our team is enthusiastic, dynamic, sincere, polite and humble. What's more, they are thorough professionals. We go to great lengths in selecting the right candidate so that our vision is realised. Being in the injection manufacturing industry, each team member is committed to the well-being and health of society. Neiss is ideated based by the experience of top level management in the pharmaceutical industry. Our well-structured hierarchy results in faster decisions and shorter communication paths.

Humanitarian Commitment

Neiss Labs Limited has made a commitment to protect the health of patients, answer healthcare needs and act responsibly in all business aspects. A major chunk of our commitment is to create products of the highest quality. We maintain stringent testing standards at every level for ensuring 100% product efficacy.

We play an active role in social and humanitarian causes because we treasure and value good health. Forming a parallel to the employees' daily work, executing social initiatives and development programmes are the result of direct involvement of Team Neiss.

Benefits for Distributors of Injections

Neiss understands that along with quality and affordability, distributors also seek additional benefits in business. When you work with us, you will have an access to our expertise of quality formulations, international packaging, logistics, promotion, competitive prices, training, support and export. Our aim is to give our pharmaceutical distributors confidence in every possible way.

Full product knowledge with the assistance of our widely-researched PMT
We supplement product knowledge with the help of various referrals
Adequate exposure and insights are provided in terms of marketing strategies
Incentives and sponsorships are part of what we do for our distributors
Duty towards
Customers Employees Society
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Social Responsibility as an Injection Manufacturer in India

Competitive Spirit

We support open and free competition. We owe our success to our products, which are extremely competent and of the highest quality. The commitment and talent of our workforce are also reasons for reaching the pinnacle of success.

Ethical Behavior

We have set out the standards of behaviour that we expect from our agents and employees, thus ensuring that we conduct operations within the spirit and letter of the law and maintain high standards of ethical behaviour when it comes to business.

Resources & Initiatives

To meet our commitments, which will have an impact on our future, Neiss possesses vast resources that are the basis of our creativity and identity in the worldwide pharmaceutical industry pertaining to injections. Our values are strong, robust and inspiring: respect for local culture, solidarity, imagination, courage, audacity and action. These values are shared daily by the entire team at Neiss. The initiatives, actions, and involvement of our employees are carried out anywhere and any time. Moreover, they work for what matters most: Health.

  •   802, DLH Park, Goregaon (W),
         Mumbai 400 104
  •   (+91) (022) 48823300
  •   (+91) (022) 48823311
  • exports@neisslabs.com

About Neiss

Neiss Labs Ltd is actively engaged in manufacturing injections and other pharmaceutical products. We are pioneers in research, development and marketing of an expansive range of formulations, including injections, capsules, tablets, syrups, liquid medicines, and eye & ear drops. Join us in our quest to achieve greater heights in healthcare.

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