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Neiss Labs Ltd is a fully-integrated pharmaceutical organisation engaged in manufacturing pharmaceutical injections and medicines. We are at the forefront when it comes to research, development, and marketing of a broad spectrum of formulations, including injections, capsules, tablets, syrups, liquid medicines, and eye & ear drops. We are the leading injection manufacturers in India.
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At Neiss, we have a dedicated & qualified team to handle various functions of regulatory affairs. Some of our identified strengths are:

  • To compile and provide a complete range of regulatory documents as per our clients requirement
  • To file and prepare dossiers in consultation with clients
  • To track submissions with different regulatory bodies
  • To enable efficient interaction with regulatory bodies & client’s regulatory group
  • Liaisoning with FDA & other governing bodies for getting necessary product permissions & other “quality” related certificates
  • Updating our client on changes and affecting the changes (if any) by the different regulatory bodies
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Amazing Quality

A robust quality system facilitates both a Good Manufacturing Practice & a Good Business Practice. The well-organized quality system which is effectively managed, has resulted in consistent predictable outcomes. Amanta products are therefore reliable.

Being a cGMP facility, we strive continuously to determine proper implementation of good manufacturing systems & regulations through continuous training of the factory personnel. Our ceaseless efforts are directed towards maintaining highest quality standards. We continuously enhance our facilities, upgrade our technology and install new instruments as per 21 CFR.

Quality Assurance

Amanta concept of QA covers all matters that individually or collectively influence the quality of the finished product. These include:

Developing norms, standards and guidelines for quality assurance.
Review of Associated Records.
Review & Approval production & maintenance.
Auditing & Performing/Evaluating Trend Analysis.

Research & Development Our Formulation & Development department ensures:

Formulation Development

Process Development

Analytical Services

Analytical Method Development

Lab Scale Trials

Stability Study

Preparation of “MASTER” documents

Technology Transfer

Pilot Batches OR Standard Batch Size

Process Validation

Commercial Production

Products Review

Improvise the formulations

Strategic Planning

Exclusive R & D for Injections

The Companys R&D strengths are in developing intellectual property in the area of non-infringing processes and resolving complex chemistry challenges. In the process, Aurobindo Pharma is developing new drug delivery systems, new dosage formulations, applying new technology for better processes.

The R&D Center, in Hyderabad covers over 13,000 sq.m, and provides a nurturing environment to a multi-disciplinary team of over 700 scientists striving for excellence.

The Centre meets cGLP requirements, and is focused on the areas of organic synthesis, analytical research, dosage form development, pharmacology, bio-equivalence studies and drug delivery systems.

The instrumentation and analytical knowledge base at the Centre facilitate

Process development lifecycles of less than three months, even if it involves complex multi step synthesis with multiple chirality.

Complete impurity profiling in all products developed.

Development of analytical methods and specifications from raw materials, to non-compendia finished products.

In-house synthesis of reagents for analyzing organolithiums and noble metals.

Clean, Professional and Modern Manufacturing

This reflects the Companys commitment towards developing innovative technologies and creating a knowledge base in chemical synthesis, high quality generic formulations and development of drug delivery systems.

  •   802, DLH Park, Goregaon (W),
         Mumbai 400 064
  •   (+91) (022) 48823300
  •   (+91) (022) 48823311
  • exports@neisslabs.com

About Neiss

Neiss Labs Ltd is actively engaged in manufacturing injections and other pharmaceutical products. We are pioneers in research, development and marketing of an expansive range of formulations, including injections, capsules, tablets, syrups, liquid medicines, and eye & ear drops. Join us in our quest to achieve greater heights in healthcare.

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