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Neiss Labs Ltd is a fully-integrated pharmaceutical organisation engaged in manufacturing pharmaceutical injections and medicines. We are at the forefront when it comes to research, development, and marketing of a broad spectrum of formulations, including injections, capsules, tablets, syrups, liquid medicines, and eye & ear drops. We are the leading injection manufacturers in India.
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Overview About Injections

The term injection includes administration of intravenous (IV), intramuscular (IM), and subcutaneous (SC) areas.

The benefit of injections as a drug delivery form is that they act swiftly. The onset of action for IV is 15–30 seconds, IM is 10–20 minutes and SC is 15–30 minutes. Injections are also essentially bioavailable. They are helpful for drugs that are inefficient in their absorbtion or worse, do not show any result through oral administration.

Certain drugs, especially antipsychotics, are best delivered through long-acting IM injections. In process IV injectables can be helpful for delivery of regular drugs, even in the form of liquids. In some cases, patients are trained to use the injectables themselves. Injections required in SC areas to give insulin is patient-friendly. They can be managed without the involvement of highly trained profesionals.

Why Injections Manufacturing India is the Best Choice India’s predicted statistics look prospective. They are ideal for injection manufacturing or any other pharmaceutical manufacturing:

  • India’s pharma industry

    Foreseen to vouch for approx. 3.1 - 3.6% of the world’s pharmaceutical industry by value.

  • The present coverage

    10% of the global industry by volume.

  • By the end of 2020

    Revenue of Indian pharma industry will result in USD 45 Billion.

  • User Research

    It will result in USD 45 Billion by the end of 2020.

  • Turnover in USD

    By then, the Indian healthcare sector is expected to touch USD 250 Billion as a turnover from USD 65 Billion.

  • The generics market of India

    It is envisioned to increase to USD 26.1 Billion by 2016 from USD 11.3 Billion in 2011

Advantage of working with Neiss? The Top Manufacturer for Injections in India


High quality that meets International parameters

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Competitive pricing that reflects our dynamic policy

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Ability in meeting bulk orders as quickly as possible

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Neiss endeavors to sustain a contamination-free environment throughout the injection manufacturing process. Our operations involve the best standard of product established on the most recent global standards. Probabilities of bacterial or any other contamination are absolutely minimized within this non-polluted condition. A complete disinfected zone is established. This stringency in sanitation reflects even on the labeling of our injections. Incorrect labeling could have adverse effects in injection manufacturing.
Quality Control
Adopting quality guidelines is a compulsion to meet with global standards in injection manufacturing. A constant quality check is conducted on raw materials, intermediary products and completed goods. To ensure supeior quality of injections, Neiss fetches ingredients from best sources alone. Our first preference lies with those who have achieved international certifications. Quality checks are further conducted at each step. We are focused on the quality of the final product. We assure you of sincere amends in case any error is detected.

Regulatory Services

Each step involved in the injection manufacturing process, including production, storage, quality control, weighing and ancillary areas are constantly under our vigilance. We ensure that the manufacturing premises match the superlative degree of cleanliness. Even though it is next to impossible to maintain an environment that is without contamination and pollution, we try to against all odds to make the impossible possible in order to remain as the best injection manufacturer in India.

  •   802, DLH Park, Goregaon (W),
         Mumbai 400 064
  •   (+91) (022) 48823300
  •   (+91) (022) 48823311
  • exports@neisslabs.com

About Neiss

Neiss Labs Ltd is actively engaged in manufacturing injections and other pharmaceutical products. We are pioneers in research, development and marketing of an expansive range of formulations, including injections, capsules, tablets, syrups, liquid medicines, and eye & ear drops. Join us in our quest to achieve greater heights in healthcare.

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